Brock's Winter Wander (KS1)

*New for this winter - only available November to March*

An activity day inspired by the wildlife and nature at Brockhole on Windermere. 

At Brockhole we are very lucky to be surrounded by the beauty of nature - from the landscape of mountains and lake, to the nature and wildlife in our beautiful grounds. This wildlife-themed day will consist of two activities (with a lunch break between) which will help children explore some of the wonderful nature we have here. This session is only available between November and February. 


The session starts with a reading of Nick Butterworth’s ‘One Snowy Night’. The children recall the animals that visited Percy in the night. We explain that we have the same animals here at Brockhole and that we are going to learn more about them over the day.  

Activity one: Winter Wander

It’s cold at Brockhole and a special message has been left by Brock, our very own grounds keeper, asking the children to find the animals who live at Brockhole and gather them together for a cup of hot chocolate. Children follow a trail around the grounds at Brockhole, taking part in short activities related to wildlife on the way. We end up in our magical tipi, sipping a nice warm hot chocolate.

Activity two: Nature Detectives

We find out about some of the wildlife that lives in the Lake District through visiting our indoor exhibition area and taking part in a series of short indoor activities, including craft.  

Depending on the group size, the children may be split into two activity groups. 

Session length: approximately 3.5 hours including lunch break   

Session price: £7.50 per child (£150 minimum session cost)

Maximum group size: ~ 60

Age range: Most suitable for Reception / KS1