The Green Recovery project

Thanks to funding from the Green Recovery Challenge Fund, our exciting project has restored and improved the wonderful natural habitats at Brockhole on Windermere.

Visitors and young people have connected with nature through nature-focused fun activities, and helped to restore our precious habitats. We have had a programme of educational visits for schools and youth groups, and placements to train young people in nature conservation. 



The project was funded by the government’s Green Recovery Challenge Fund. The fund was developed by Defra and its Arm's-Length Bodies. It is being delivered by The National Lottery Heritage Fund in partnership with Natural England, the Environment Agency and Forestry Commission.

This project focused on three key areas of work :

  • The conservation, restoration and interpretation of eight priority habitats at Brockhole on Windermere.
  • The development of a fully resourced and accessible engagement programme for young people from urban backgrounds to connect with nature on our site.
  • A training programme that has upskilled young people in habitat restoration/conservation skills, provided valuable work experience, skills and accreditation for jobs in the environmental sector. We have worked with young people from both The Ernest Cook Trust and Oaklea Trust


Brockhole's beautiful 30 acre grounds are home to 'UK BAP priority habitats' 

UK BAP priority habitats cover a wide range of semi-natural habitat types, and were those that were identified as being the most threatened and requiring conservation action under the UK Biodiversity Action Plan (UK BAP).  

  • Upland oakland eg. ancient woodland
  • wet woodland/upland ashwood
  • neutral grassland
  • damp meadow/rush pasture
  • pond
  • species rich tall herb fen
  • eutrophic standing waters eg. lake shoreline
  • traditional orchards 

Conservation work

To improve our priority habitats, we have undertaken a range of conservation and restoration work:

  • restoration work has taken place on our lakeshore to prevent erosion and in the ancient woodland to give the next generation of trees the best chance to flourish. 
  • the pond area has been doubled in size, and the surrounding tall herb fen will be increased to benefit a range of terrestrial and aquatic species.
  • a traditional orchard has been planted for restricted educational use.
  • two further bee hives have been added to accompany the colony of Brockhole bees. 
  • the management of our damp meadow has been adjusted to improve biodiversity, and hundreds of wild flower plug plants have been planted.

We hope that by giving back to nature, we will create a richer and more diverse landscape that can be shared and enjoyed for generations to come.  


The Ernest Cook Trust (ECT) is a UK educational charity that creates outdoor experiences for children and young people, particularly those experiencing challenging circumstances.  The Trust nurtures a lifelong journey of learning, appreciation and respect for the countryside through the experiences it offers, and supports, for young people and their communities.  The collaboration with Brockhole provides learning opportunities that enhance young peoples’ skills, employability, mental health and wellness. Find out more about The Ernest Cook Trust

The Oaklea Trust supports and cares for people and communities so they can learn, develop and thrive. Find out more about The Oaklea Trust