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Brockhole Summer Games

Date: 23 Jul - 5 Sep 2021

Get involved with the Olympic and Paralympic spirit this summer with the Brockhole Summer Games.

Many of our activities are actually Olympic sports, so as well as watching all of the action unfold in Tokyo, you’ll be able to try the sports for yourselves throughout the summer!

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Have a look at our guide to what Olympic and Paralympic sports you can do at Brockhole, and when the athletes will be in action in Tokyo.


A favourite for all generations at Brockhole, you’ll find our archery range at the bottom of the zip wire. With views through the trees to the shore of Windermere, there is no better place to practice your aim!

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Olympic dates: 23rd July - 31st July

Paralympic dates: 27th August - 4th September


Laser Clay Shooting

An Olympic and Paralympic sport since ……., our safe laser version is another family favourite. Found on our games lawn towards the lakeshore, can you top your family leaderboard this summer?

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Olympic dates: 22nd July - 2nd August

Paralympic dates: 3oth August - 5th September



A sport that has grabbed the nations hearts in recent Olympic years, cycling has become a must do for anyone exploring the Lake District. We now hire bikes from Wray Castle on a pre booking service only, so call our team today and get out there on two wheels.

Call us on 01539 440270. During busy periods please be patient with us in answering the phone.

Olympic dates: 24th July - 8th August

Paralympic dates: 25th August - 3rd September



Another iconic British medal winning sport, rowing has brought the nation success for decades. Our traditional wooden rowing boats mean you can practice your technique, whilst having a great time on the lake with everyone.

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Olympic dates: 23rd July - 30th July

Paralympic dates: 27th August - 29th August



Kayaking is definitely worth a watch at this year’s Games, purely for the skill and determination of the athletes as they navigate the course. Once you have been inspired, join us on Windermere and get practicing your turns and technique.

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Olympic dates: 25th July - 30th July

Paralympic dates: N/A



Another incredible paddle sport to watch and get supporting during the Olympics and Paralympics. Our canoes may offer a slower pace as you discover new parts of the lake, but the technique is still the same.

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Olympic dates: 2nd August - 7th August

Paralympic dates: 2nd September - 4th September



A sport that has inspired more people since joining the Olympic and Paralympic Games, come down to our lakeshore and practice what you’ve learnt from the athletes in Tokyo.

Book on the day with our lakeshore team.

Olympic dates: 29th July - 7th August

Paralympic dates: N/A


Other sports you can do at Brockhole

With so much space on our lawns, there's plenty of other Olympic sports you can do at Brockhole. From football to badminton, the only limitation is your imagination!


Go on... get involved in this summer of sport!