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The Halloween Experience 2018

Date: 20-31 October 2018
Price: £24, £12, £8
Start: 11.00am - 7.00pm Daily

Don't forget to book your passport in advance to guarantee availability for your chosen day as they are selling out fast. We recommend the best (and scariest) time to come is from 3.00pm onwards and join us into the darkness... 


From 20 October to 31 October Brockhole is being taken over by monsters, ghouls and ghosts and you're invited to join them!

This year we've had our cauldron out and cooked up the biggest and best Lake District Halloween experience that Brockhole has ever seen. 

The only thing you should be truly scared of is missing out...

Dare you follow the pumpkin trail into the gruesome ancient forest, enter the haunted house to see the gory gamekeeper or find your way through the marquee of macabre monsters? Try your hand at Zombie archery – can you stop them before they reach you? Will you Brave the creepy-crawlies in the Cave, and have you got the nerve and the eye for laser clay shooting in a giant spiders nest? Hide behind pillows as you listen to scary Cumbrian ghost stories, have a go at making your own horrifying Halloween mask, or a wicked wicker man, and then enjoy some special witches brew and a green goblin cake!

Introducing...The Pumpkin Passport

A Pumpkin Passport allows entry into 13! (unlucky for some) special Halloween activities and is ideal for everyone aged 8+:

  • The Haunted Forest
  • The Gruesome Gamekeeper's Cottage
  • The Marquee of Macabre Monsters
  • Zombie Archery (20 mins)
  • Brave the Cave (20 mins)
  • Laser Clay Spider Style (20 mins)
  • The Pumpkin Trail
  • Ghost Stories
  • The Wicca Workshop of Witch-crafts (making masks, monsters and petrifying paper pumpkins) (20 mins)
  • Face painting 
  • Gruesome Graveyard Golf
  • A free Green Goblin cake and a mug of witches brew.
  • Lucky 13 - this activity can change daily - take a lucky dip!

How much can I save if I book my Pumpkin Passport now?

Save yourself almost £15 by buying a Pumpkin Passport.

Pumpkin Passports can be purchased online or on the day of your visit from the Information Desk in the Visitor Centre.

All you need to do is book entry for one particular day between 20-31 October and your passport will be valid from 11am to 7pm on that day – then it turns back into a pumpkin.

Mini Pumpkin Passport

A Mini Pumpkin Passport ideal for under 8's and allows entry into all of the above except the Zombie Archery, Brave The Cave and Laser Clay Shooting - there is also a specially seasonal themed soft play area for under 5’s. Add to this a huge free adventure playground, flying witches on zip wires, a great café and restaurant and 30 acres of stunning grounds and there is surely only one place to be this Halloween. Under 8’s buying the Mini Passport must be accompanied by a supervising adult either with a Mini Passport or 'Hand Holder' Badge.

The 'Hand Holder' Badge

If you want to accompany your child through their Brockhole Halloween Experience but don’t wish to take part yourself (or are too scared to do so!) – you can buy our Hand Holder Badge for just £8. This will allow you entry into all of activities that your child has a Pumpkin Passport for (either a full or a mini passport) as an observer or a literal hand holder, but you will not be able to participate in any of the hands on activities - see below for details:

  • You must be over 18+ to purchase a Hand Holder Badge and be responsible for a child with either a full or mini Pumpkin Passport (a maximum of 2 adult Hand Holder Badges per child).
  • You will be allowed entry with your child into: The Haunted Forest, The Pumpkin Trail, The Gruesome Gamekeeper’s Cottage, The Macabre Marquee, The Wicca Workshop (to assist your child), Ghost Stories, Scary Face Painting (but you won’t be able to have your face painted sadly!), Lucky 13 and of course green goblin cake and witches brew.
  • You will be allowed to observe but not participate in:  Zombie Archery, Laser Clay Spider Style, Brave The Cave, Graveyard Golf
  • Book online at the same time as a full or mini passport/s and collect your badge on the day along with the passport/s.
  • Hand Holder Badges must be worn at all times whilst taking part in the Halloween Experience.

A little bit of extra info

We have a few tips to make your Halloween Experience at Brockhole the best it can be:

  • Book your passports in advance - the earlier you book, the more you save and we only have a limited number of passports available each day.
  • Passport holders will get priority on all of our activities over visitors paying on the day
  • Bring a torch, particularly if you are joining us into the afternoon and early evening (we will also be selling torches in the shop)
  • Be prepared for the weather and dress appropriately (scary fancy dress more than welcome of course!)
  • Plan your trip in advance - you can arrive at Brockhole by car, boat and bus so there's plenty of options to choose from

Scared of missing out? Book your passport HERE!

Pumpkin Passports can be purchased on the day of your visit from the Information Desk in the Visitor Centre.

Please note: If you don’t wish to purchase a full passport, each individual activity can be booked separately on the day, but this will be subject to availability and you will not benefit from the passport discount or priority queuing. Individual activities cannot be booked in advance.