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Gaddum Gallery: Lake District Reflections

Date: 4 Sep - 10 Oct 2021
Price: Free
Start: 04/09/21

Rosamund and John Macfarlane with Julian Cooper

The Lake District has been shaped by water over millennia, resulting in the dramatic, much-loved and often photographed landscapes of fells, valleys and lakes. When we look at this landscape, we often look out over waterscapes, but does that mean we overlook them? This exhibition explores what can be discovered when we look onto, into and under water. The exhibition focuses on three themes: over, under and ice.

Over: Water is the natural reflecting surface of the Lake District and the mirror for its beautiful landscapes. However, that surface is constantly changing because of the shirr of wind and flow of water, the scald of sun and the patterns and colours of cloud and sky.

Under: Much of the mountain ‘landscape’ is hidden below the surface of becks, pools and waterfalls – the ‘subscape’. Whereas the rocks we see above the water have been affected by wind, rain, ice and storm, the under-rocks and beck bottom are sculptured by the shifting of stone, the grind of gravel and the rub of flow and flood. The water’s under-surface filters and refracts light, form and colour from above, and also acts as a mirror for the rocks and patterns below. Both these effects are made infinitely variable by the constant movement of the water surface.

Ice: In the depths of a cold winter, the mountain becks and waterfalls can take on a different guise. Whipped by wind, tumbled by fall and flow, water splashes, spits and sprays onto beck edge, bank and rock, transforming them briefly into wonderful ice sculptures and shuckles (a Cumbrian term for icicles). The exhibition will include some fascinating examples photographed in the Lake District fells and lakes.