The Lake District Pound has arrived at Brockhole

The Lake District Pound has arrived at Brockhole

Love the Lakes and all the amazing history? You can now travel around the Lake District with our very own currency!

The Lake District Pound is a way for you to enjoy the spectacular area whilst supporting local businesses. This scheme is a fantastic way to give back to the Lake District so that it can stay special for years to come. And we are delighted to welcome the new LD£ to Brockhole and share the beautiful designs with you all.

How does it work?

All you need to do is hand in your sterling to a LD£ provider and you will receive the same amount back in LD£, just look out for the LD£ sign outside businesses. Don’t worry, there are no extra charges or commissions involved. If you are unable to spend your LD£ then you can simply hand it back in to any LD£ provider. If you wish to keep them as a memento, the money will go to the two chosen charities, Cumbria Community Foundation and the Lake District Foundation which is currently funding to rebuild the Lake District National Park’s Keswick to Threlkeld Railway Path.

Did you know?

The Lake District Pound has been uniquely designed with some of the most famous characters from the Lake District including Beatrix Potter, William Wordsworth and Wainwright. They have been featured on the 2018 LD£ as they make up some of the Lake District’s history and greatest memories, all of which we are very proud of!

What to do at Brockhole

There’s so much to do here at Brockhole, from our beautiful new restaurant The Gaddum, to water sports, braving caves and adventure playgrounds. Here’s our three must do’s when you visit Brockhole.

1. The Gaddum restaurant

Indulge in our delightful desserts and fresh dishes at our newly opened restaurant. Make sure you check out the menu before visiting – you won’t be disappointed!

2. Laser Clay Shooting

Using our brand new laser-adapted rifles, take aim at clays travelling through the air at up to 65mph, and see how many points you can score. Compete against each other in a series of increasingly difficult challenges, and all in an incredibly beautiful setting. Find out more.

3. Garden strolls

Discover our famous Thomas Mawson garden and see how our professional gardeners have creatively shaped the grounds for all to enjoy.


Where else can I pick up my Lake District pounds?

You can also spend or pick up LD£’s at the other Lake District National Park’s information centres which are open every day -

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