8 tips for the perfect Lake District adventure this Autumn

8 tips for the perfect Lake District adventure this Autumn

September is a beautiful month in the Lake District National Park. At Brockhole on Windermere the autumn colours are just beginning to show. The gardens are really beautiful, spreading out in front of the picturesque house, designed by landscape gardener Thomas Mawson.

There is ample parking and wheelchair access has been integrated into the design of the grounds, simply ask us for details of accessible routes, see the plan your visit page.

It is also the perfect month to hire a rowing boat in the Lake District, or Kayak at Cumbria’s most exciting lake shore activity centre Brockhole. It is still warm enough to enjoy the tranquil experience of being on Windermere, looking up at the mountains and still pleasant enough to picnic beside the lake and enjoy the lakeside views, wellies optional!


1: Visit the jetty and lakeside


If your feeling in need of some downtime or zen-like mindfulness, take a stroll down the path at Brockhole on Windermere, relax by lake or chill on the jetty and take in the ambient sounds around you. Why not arrive by boat with your friends at Windermere Lake Cruises, jump on the green or red route from Bowness or Ambleside.

2: Archery

A child shooting a bow and arrow doing archery at Brockhole on Windermere

Ever wanted to try your hand at archery? See how accurate you are. Archery at Brockhole is a very popular attraction in autumn. Now with an overhead canopy, whatever the weather you will be in for some excitement and a challenge. It’s also a great activity for groups, challenge your friends or family to hit the bullseye first. More info on Archery can be found here.

3: Lunchtime or afternoon tea at the Gaddum restaurant

Cup of coffee enjoying the view at Brockhole on Windermere

Whether it’s a coffee,a glass of wine or a full-on afternoon tea, the Gaddum is the place to visit. The Gaddum in the Lake District National Park is one of Cumbria’s most recent luxury eating venues. Located in the most beautiful surroundings you will have ever seen like this, The Gaddum’s cosy fireplace and warm décor will leave you feeling lucky to have found such a unique and picturesque place. The Gaddum offers what can be considered one of the best afternoon teas in Cumbria and the Lake District (even if we do say so ourselves) as well as delicious quintessential teas, coffee and a fully stocked bar. The Gaddum.

4: Take in the view

 Brockhole on Windermere garden, Thomas Mawson

Located in the English Lake District, Brockhole on Windermere has absolutely stunning views. Whether you’re sitting in the cafe enjoying a cup of coffee looking out to the hills and mountains in the distance or wandering lonely as a cloud through the incredible Thomas Mawson gardens and surrounding grounds, you are in for a rare treat. Autumn could be the perfect time of year to truly enjoy the natural beauty of the landscape at this time of year.

5: The House

Brockholes house

Although originally built as a holiday home Edith made the permanent move to Brockhole, whilst William continued to spend some of his time in Manchester working for his family’s company, Gaddum and Co.

The driveway curved its way up from the main road through a gated entrance to the front door of the house which is situated on the left-hand side as you enter the Visitor Centre. On the ground floor, there was a dining room, drawing room, billiard room, a library, a smoking room, workshop and servants’ quarters.  The family used the rooms at the front of the house the most where they could enjoy the views of Windermere, the Langdale Pikes and Claife Heights. The walls on the inside of the house were lined with wood panelling and the staircases had hearts carved into them in the Arts and Crafts style.

The Gaddum’s son Jim was born on 7 April 1888 and educated at Eton and Cambridge before joining the Westmorland and Cumberland Yeomanry in 1914, with whom he served throughout the war in France, gaining the rank of Captain.  In September 1918, he married Benita Fisher; one of the guests at the wedding was Beatrix Potter. In 1943 he became the High Sheriff of Westmorland and then the Deputy Lieutenant of the county in 1946.  He lived in Kendal with his wife until his death in 1956 and was buried at Troutbeck. More about the Gaddum family and Brockhole house can be found on The Gaddum restaurant website

6: Boat Hire

Boat hire lake district, boat hire on lake Windermere

What could be a better way to start your autumn adventure than hiring a boat and rowing down the Lake District National Park’s largest lake, Windermere. Surrounded by nature, wildlife, fresh air and some of the English countryside’s most beautiful and scenic sights, your shore for a memorable experience you won’t forget anytime soon. Information on boat hire can be found here.

7: Mini Golf

Child playing mini golf with father at Brockhole on Windermere lake district

Go crazy this autumn in the Lake District and try your hand at mini golf. One of the many activities on offer at Brockhole on Windermere is crazy golf. No matter what age you are, you’re never too young for a few rounds of miniature golf. See if you can get a hole in one.


8: The Gaddum Gallery

Exhibition, artwork, gallery at The Gaddum

Feeling in need of some culture this September? We have one of the newest galleries in the Lake District hosting some of Cumbria’s most exciting contemporary art exhibitions. One for yourself or for the family. Exhibitions are focused on local artists and artists celebrating local culture.


So, what do you think of this list, have we missed off any of your favourite Lake District activities? There’s so much to do in September, especially at Brockhole. Let us know what you get up to and share your photos usi9ng the hashtag #DiscoverBrockhole. 

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