West by North West - an exhibition of original prints by Marion Kuit

Date: 18 May - 31 Jul 2018
Price: Free

Introducing our new exhibition of original prints by Marion Kuit

From May to July we are delighted to host a brand new exhibition in the Gaddum Gallery by South Lakes based artist Marion Kuit.


"West by North West” is a response to travel in Ireland,Scandinavia,Shetland, and Cornwall, where people have managed to survive over time, despite the weather. I work mainly in Print, with etchings, woodcuts and linocuts reflecting some of the bulwarks necessary for existence in these harsh coasts’’

- Marion Kuit

West by North West is a collection of works by artist Marion Kuit made over recent years and in response to her time spent walking the South West Coast path, sailing up the Norwegian Coast and camping in the Orkneys, Shetlands and Ireland.   

The exhibition sees a focus on man’s survival efforts over time. Neolithic burial chambers at Newgrange, North of Dublin, required the carving of massive stones, all hauled onto site. Excavated villages in the Northern Isles are protected by turf layers which have eroded into curved mounds, Cornish walls have wind gaps to help resist the Atlantic gales and in the Arctic Winter, modern Norwegian harbours blaze with welcoming light.

Join us at Brockhole and take a look around this fantastic free exhibition, key pieces of Marion's work will also be available to buy.